Vegan almond macchiato Sakura Waffles

133 – Sakura Vegan Almond Macchiatto Waffles

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Hello, world! Hope everything is going fine. Spring started, although Dutch weather seems to think otherwise. One of my most fond memories of spring was Sakura season in 2017 in Japan. When Nescafé Dolce Gusto approached me for another collaboration with some new vegan coffee flavors I decided to use that as inspiration. Hope you guys enjoy seeing the recipe for these cherry blossom waffles.


Sakura Vegan Almond Macchiato Wafels
– 100gr flour
– 80gr apple sauce
– 75gr Vegan Almond Macchiato (Prepare the coffee cold with your machine)
– 1 capsule Vegan Almond Macchiato (extra)
– 1 tbsp. cherry jam
– 50ml almond milk
Grab a mixing bowl and a scale. Add the flour, apple sauce, Dolce Gusto Vegan Almond Macchiato Coffee, and cherry jam. Mix till you get a good firm batter. Heat up your waffle iron and bake the waffles for around 4-5 minutes. Depending on the heat of your waffle iron. Using apple sauce slightly makes the baking time take longer due to more water in it.
For the Macchiato you can put some cherry jam in a high glass with very cold almond milk. Put the glass with the contents in the fridge for a little while to cool it more. When the waffles are done grab your glass and put the cold glass underneath your coffee machine at around 3 stripes. To get nice layers it’s best to hold a spoon with the convex side up underneath where the coffee flows out. The combination of the cold milk and spreading out the warm coffee will help to ensure the hot content stays on top and won’t mix. 
Serve the coffee with the waffles and enjoy. You can always add some extra fruit, muesli, or more jam to the waffles for taste. Enjoy!


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