131 – Dolce Gusto Cold Brew Coffee Waffles

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Hi guys, hope everyone is going well. Got another delicious recipe to share with you. This time I made some really nice waffles using cold-brewed coffee. Nescafé gave me a Dolce Gusto coffee machine to try. And I used the cold-brewed coffee to try to make a waffle recipe with it. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


Dolce Gusto Cold Brew Coffee Waffles
4 portions

200gr flour
2 eggs
100ml of almond milk (or any milk you prefer)
1 tbsp. olive oil
4 tbsp. Dolce Gusto Cold Brew

Whipped Cream
100ml cold heavy cream
20g caster sugar
1 tbsp. Dolce Gusto Cold Brew

Dolce Gusto Cold Brew (use what’s leftover from one cup)
Small low-height tray (like a plastic container, which can be scratched with a fork)

Startup by making the granita. Make one cup of coffee with the Cold Brew. Scoop out 5 tablespoons for the waffles and cream and pour the rest over the tray and let it set in the freezer. For a low surface layer, it should be enough to freeze it for about an hour.

For the waffles mix together 4 tablespoons of coffee with the milk and olive oil. Add in the eggs and beat with a whisk until combined. Slowly sieve the flour over it till you get a nice firm dough.

Heat up your waffle iron and divide the dough over 4 equal pieces to make four waffles. When your iron is hot enough you can start baking.

While you wait for the waffles we can make the cream. Put the cold heavy cream with the tablespoon of coffee and sugar in a bowl and whip the mixture with a mixer on medium-high speed for about 3-4 minutes until you get medium peaks.

Take out the waffles from the iron and plate up. Grab your tray of granita from the freezer and scratch over the surface with a fork until you get tiny ice crystals from the coffee. Normally I would do this process several times with classic granita recipes. But one time was sufficient since you only use coffee as an ingredient.

Put the whipped cream on top of the waffles and finish off with the granita and you’re ready to serve. Enjoy!

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