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A little while back Diogo and I were invited for Hotel New York’s first Influencer event. Organized by Femke and Marc who both work in the marketing department. And best of all this event was combined with a hotel stay! First for me and we were so lucky with our room also. We had an awesome time together with the group and the service of the team of Hotel New York.

We started with a tour of Hotel New York with details about the history of the building itself. The building is from 1901 and constructed in the Jugendstil style.

It used to be the main office for the Holland-Amerika line up until 1977. After the main office moved to Seattle it remained empty which sounds quite odd for a building with this much history. For many immigrants from Europe, this was their last stop before they took the boat to America.

So glad to see they keep the history intact in the building and it really feels like walking into a time capsule looking at all the furniture and corners reminding us of how it used to be there.

For the tour, we continued down to the basement which is used for a delicious cocktail bar. On Sunday you can have a delicious lunch here with live jazz music to dream away about forgotten times.

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