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When people ask me for one of the best areas to go for a drink or food I’d probably say ‘Pannenkoekenstraat’. It has some of my favorite spots like Tante Nel, Bakers Dough, and Bokaal.

At this street on the corner with lots of light, you’ll instantly notice the classy minimal interior of Pizzabakkers. I love the use of light greyish blue with all the details. One of the things I really like is that the bar is open so you don’t feel a distance with the staff and they are always around and open for a chat.

At arrival, we started with a prosecco and made a choice from the menu. We began with a small selection of starters from the menu. Which were all delicious. I love spicy so I really fell in love with the spicy olive oil you can drip on the bread.

For the main course, I picked a burrata which was so good! Nice crust, beautiful presentation. Simple but good quality ingredients which are all you need for a splendid dinner. Next time I’ll be sure to check out some other pizza’s on the menu cause they all sounded so delicious.

Owner Sanne de Vries fell for the concept when she was in Amsterdam and luckily for her a venue was free right down her own apartment to start her own business. Classical pizzas served with quality ingredients is what they stand for and you can taste that. With the big Italian pizza oven in the store, you get the perfect crust and the scent fills the restaurant taking you to Italy.

And now I’ve read they import their meat from Italian family businesses I really feel like I got to go back to try one of those.

You can find this little gem at Pannekoekstraat 68A. Open daily from 17.00 and at 16.00 in the weekends. Perfect to sit for dinner after some shopping around the street with all the unique little stores.


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