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One of the things I missed about living in Amsterdam, luckily there aren’t that many, was having SLA nearby to go for a quick lunch or light dinner. Recently they opened up their newest spot right next to where I live. So happy many new hot spots are coming to Rotterdam and SLA is one of a few which are situated on the Oude Binnenweg in an old historical building. As you can see from my photo you still see the old window frame in the back and the front of the place also has a really nice look and feel. Love places which mix modern with history.

On the menu of SLA you will find different kinds of salads with lots of variety. Of course, you can also mix your own salad by picking your own toppings but I always end up picking one of the salads already on the menu cause they sound so delicious.

The variety changes with the seasons so you can expect the menu to change every three months. And most of the items they serve are ingredients from the Netherlands so with fewer logistics also better for the environment.

From the variety, we picked the vegan sushi bowl with delicious black rice, tempeh and more and the green veggie burgers made from du Puy lentils and sweet potato. Both really delicious salads we didn’t mind to share.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. You can check them out at Oude Binnenweg150A and they are open from 11am till 9pm every day.

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