129 – Waffled Chicken Wraps with Bacon

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Wraps are one of the things which are really easy to make when you need dinner. Just put in your favourite fillings and you’ve got a nice and delicious dinner, or maybe even lunch, ready. One of my favourites uses baked chicken combined with potato salad and bacon. Add some extra fillings and put in your waffle iron for a delicious warm dish on the table. Which also looks really good. Happy Waffle Wednesday


Waffled Chicken Wraps with Bacon
4 portions

8 wraps
300g baked chicken
200g crème fraîche
4 tbsp. cajun spices
200g cooked haricot verts
8 tbsp. potato salad
100g grated cheese
4 tbsp. sliced smoked paprika
8 slices of baked bacon

Heat up the wraps so they turn soft and are easy to fold in your waffle iron. In a small bowl mix together the crème fraîche with the cajun spices and spread that out over the whole wrap. On one part of the wrap add 1/8 of the chicken, haricot verts, potato salad, cheese, smoked paprika, and a slice of bacon. Fold the wrap and put in your waffle iron to bake. Continue these steps until you’ve got 8 wraps done. Serve the waffles warm with the leftover crème fraîche cajun sauce and enjoy!




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