128 – Nice Cream Waffles

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My favourite way to make ice cream is probably using two ingredients. Frozen fruit and your favourite yoghurt/quark, vegan of dairy. But did you know you can also mix your nice cream with flour & egg (or no-egg) to make waffles! Yes, waffles made from ice cream is also an option so hope you guys enjoy this recipe.


Nice Cream Waffles
2 portions

4 scoops of nice cream
100g flour
1 egg (or 1 tbsp. of no-egg mixed with 2 tbsp. of water)
extra fruit for decoration and more nice cream on top

In a food processor add the nice cream with the flour and egg (or no-egg) and mix until combined to a nice sticky dough. Heat up your waffle iron and bake a generous tablespoon of batter for one waffle. Serve the waffles with extra nice cream and frozen fruit and you’re done.


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