124 – Almond Paste Speculaas Waffles

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When autumn starts (or mid-summer for some supermarkets) in the Netherlands everyone gets ready for Sinterklaas. One of the typical Dutch sweets around that time is speculaas. I love to eat it along with of course my all time favourite marzipan. One of the things which I love about this waffle recipe is how easy it is. Just grind store-bought speculaas and mix in an egg to combine it into a delicious waffle perfect for dessert.


Almond Paste Speculaas Waffles
4 portions

400g speculaas
1 egg
100g almond paste

In a food processor grind the speculaas really fine. Move it into a bowl and add the egg. Mix until combined. Heat up your waffle iron and bake about 7 to 8 waffles using this recipe. Add in the almond paste into the squares of the waffle and serve with caster sugar and fresh almonds on top. Enjoy!

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