Hold-Your-Waffle-Wednesday-118 // Protein Granola Bar Waffles

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Whenever I feel like snacking I often prefer to make the time to make something totally new instead of store-bought. One of these recipes evolved through that. I love granola bars but always find them quite pricey and thought I have all the ingredients in my cupboard so why don’t I make them myself. Using egg whites, whey protein, and oats you can easily make a delicious granola bar waffle and add in any seeds, nuts, or dried fruit you like. Here is the recipe and enjoy!


Protein Granola Bar Waffles
6 portions

100g oatmeal flour
100g oatmeal flakes
100g whole oats
100g low-fat quark
2 Tbsp. Whey protein
3 egg whites
50g sunflower seeds
50g pumpkin seeds
80g raisins
100g dark chocolate (thinly chopped)

Add the oats in a bowl with some salt. Add in the egg whites and mix together until you get a firm dough. With your hand mix in the seeds, raisins and dark chocolate and let this set for about 20 minutes in the fridge.

Heat up your waffle iron and fill up your iron with some of the dough. Bake for a good amount of time until brown and crisp. Chop them in smaller bars and serve them with fruit and low-fat quark.

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