Hold-Your-Waffle-Wednesday-116 // Cheesy Waffle with Avocado, Cheddar, and Bacon

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I think I’ve outdone myself with this waffle recipe. It combines 3 things I really love which are bacon, avocado, and cheese. For this waffle Wednesday I was inspired by all the delicious sandwiches I see wrapped in bacon and then I thought why don’t I try this with one of my waffles. Here is a delicious cheese waffle filled with cheddar & avocado. And best of all wrapped in bacon. Happy Waffle Wednesday.


Cheesy Waffle with Avocado, Cheddar, and Bacon
2 portions


50g grated cheese
100g flour
1 egg
80ml buttermilk
1 tsp. baking soda

1 avocado
80g grated cheddar
14 slices of bacon

Mix all the ingredients together for the waffles in a bowl. Heat up your waffle iron and bake about 2 tablespoons of batter for one waffle. When done fill in the squares of the waffles with some mashed avocado and put lots of cheddar on top. Start wrapping the waffles in bacon.

Heat up a pan on medium to high heat. First, bake the side with all the loose ends of the slices bacon so they stick together when baking. Bake for about 4 minutes until golden brown and flip the waffle to bake the other side. Bake again for about 4 minutes until golden brown. Serve the waffles warm with extra cheddar and some maple syrup on top. Enjoy!

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