Trio of almond hummus

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My favorite kind of dishes I often cook with what I can find in my cupboard. Last week making bread I decided to make hummus. But after I smashed the chickpeas I found out I didn’t have any sesame paste left. Luckily I found some almond paste and thought to use that for this recipe. And I’ve got to say it was surprisingly good! Especially the one with the caramelized onions is a keeper, which we will be making a lot. For hummus, I often make a base and mix together with some other ingredients. It’s an easy way to make several different kinds of flavors and especially when you go for colorful it looks really nice. This time, we’ve for a red one with caramelized onions, green with avocado and a regular one with chickpeas and almond paste. We’re curious about what you guys think!



Trio of almond hummus

1 can of chickpeas
3 tbsp. almond paste
3 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. water (optional)
1 clove of garlic
pepper & salt
1 avocado
2 red onions (chopped in slices)
2 tbsp. honey
4 tbsp. sweet balsamic vinegar

Rinse of the chickpeas and place them in your food processor. Add the garlic, pepper & salt and pulse until you’ve got a nice shredded mixture. Add the almond paste and olive oil and pulse on high speed, slowly add the rest of the oil and if it stays to dense you can add some of the water. Remove 2/3 of the hummus from your food processor and keep aside. Add the avocado to the food processor with the leftover hummus and pulse until combined. Put in a bowl and set aside. Rinse of the leftover hummus from your food processor and put back the half of the remaining hummus in it. We will continue with making the caramelised onions now.

Heat up a pan with the balsamic vinegar and honey. Add the onions and when it boils put on low to medium heat and let it cook until most of the water has dissolved and the onions have a nice glace. Add the onions to your food processor and mix until combined. Put the hummus in a bowl.

The leftover hummus is already done so you can serve the 3 kinds of hummus with bread or crostini’s or keep them refrigerated for about 5 days and use as a spread on bread. Like we did. We served them with extra avocado, green apples, pomme granate and rocket salad. Great for parties and of course for yourself enjoy and happy weekend everyone!


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  1. Yay! Found the recipe, now I need to finish my ordinary hummus to make your version :) I never thought of almond paste… I bet it’s uber-delicious <3
    Have a great day,

    1. Post

      Was also pleasantly surprised with the result. Great substitute if you’re out of tahini. Yours also sound really delicious love red lentils, will surely make that one in the future. Thanks so much, good luck with the blog and enjoy your day! x Desmond

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